Conservation agriculture working group & National task forces

Conservation Agriculture


Continuous minimum mechanical soil disturbance

Crop Rotations

Diversified crop rotations in the case of annual crops or plant associations in case of perennial crops.

Permanent soil cover

Permanent organic soil cover.


The Conservation Agriculture Regional Working Group (CARWG) was established in 2007 to coordinate the activities of organisations working to promote the introduction of CA in the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region. CARWG works with a network of National CA Task Forces (NCATF) which coordinate stakeholders in individual countries. These Terms of Reference describes structures and management systems for these organisations. The ultimate aim is to support and promote the adoption by farmers of packages of CA techniques that are appropriate to their agro-ecological situation and farming practices.


The vision of CARWG and the NCATFs is that appropriate CA practices are adopted by farmers throughout southern Africa leading to increased productivity, food security, farm profitability and sustainable farming systems.


The Mission of CARWG is to coordinate stakeholders working at a regional level promote the adoption of CA in order to achieve the Vision. The Group will provide strategic support to the NCATFs to promote CA and develop programmes to tackle issues that are regional in nature. The Mission of each NCATF is to coordinate stakeholders working within that country to promote the adoption of CA in order to achieve the Vision.


Members of the NCATF should be individuals and representatives of organisations which are active in the promotion of CA or have a major supporting role to play in carrying out the Mission.

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